Photo by Bonjwing Lee

Welcome to Columbus Park Ramen Shop

In the midst of pursuing our culinary career together a few things became evident. Above all, food is a common language — everyone has to eat. So why not do it well? The second thing was a conviction for supporting local. This means local farmers, local retailers and local restaurants. We began to realize that what you eat says a lot about you. The third thing is to let the ingredients shine. Start with a quality product and don’t mess it up. Finally, the fourth thing: we kinda like beer.

All of this led us to Columbus Park. In December 2013 we purchased Happy Gillis cafe & hangout and moved into the Columbus Park neighborhood of Kansas City, MO with our three children. Living and working in the same community seemed like a true fit. Happy Gillis afforded us the chance to live out what we believe.

After living and breathing this neighborhood for almost two years we decided to start something new. We had a little attached garage and we wanted to make it special. RAMEN!! Who doesn’t love ramen? That was it! Ramen was the perfect fit for our 350-square-foot space. We launched a crowd funding campaign, and the support was incredible. In 30 days we met our goal, made new friends and started on a Kansas City supported and funded restaurant.

We have taken a few trips, and eaten a whole lot of ramen. We have had ramen from New York, Chicago, Nashville, Minneapolis, Austin and even Lawrence. What we found was a strong following and community of ramen eaters alike. Our ramen will have a Midwestern sensibility, and will be an expression of our region. We believe that to be the spirit of true ramen.

Ramen is an accessible, comforting, no fuss meal that’s been around for almost a century. It’s food with a soul.

We hope you come and see what true Kansas City community is all about. Eating shouldn’t be hard, it should be fun and delicious.

See you soon.

Josh & Abbey-Jo

Photo by Bonjwing Lee